What does your watch face say about your thinking preference?

Can you tell someone’s thinking preference just by looking at their watch?

You sure can. Though this is not scientific, 100% accurate, or account for smart watches or for those of us who don’t wear a watch, it is fun (and can make you seem very insightful).

If you catch a glimpse of someone wearing a calculator watch (or a new technological derivative thereof – a smart watch perhaps), they most likely have a preference for analytical, number-based, and present focused thinking.

If the dial is surrounded by second, minute, and hour hash marks, if the face has date, day of the week, and month  options, and if there’s a barometer, this person most likely has a preference for precise, detail-oriented, historic-based thinking.

If you see a colorful, artistic, silly, cartoony face with or without numbers, this person most likely has a preference for interpersonal, feeling, humor, and present-based thinking.

And if the face has very little in the way of why someone would wear a watch in the  first place, that is to keep track of time, this person most likely has a preference for big-picture, abstract, and future oriented thinking.

Now for those of you who ask, “What if I don’t wear a watch?” that too is most likely indicative of at the very least a right-brained preference, which would be unconcerned with precise time. That, or you have another device for keeping track of time and other details. That other device might also hold clues to your thinking preferences. More on that later.

Want to learn more about your thinking preferences and their impact on your life, work, and relationships? Consider taking the Herrmann Brain Dominance Instrument® assessment using my Whole Brain® Thinking based coaching services.


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