Can being thoughtless ever be a good thing?

We all know thoughtlessness is rarely ever considered a positive trait, an uplifting word, or a beneficial habit. However, consider the following.

While recently performing my sporadic ritual of sweeping around the house it occurred to me how much more I enjoy sweeping over vacuuming. Me being good old analytical me I wasted no time beginning to think about why I prefer to sweep. It could be the rhythmic movement of the broom or the rough but hypnotic sound of the bristles against tile and wood. It could be a broom is simply easier to manipulate and move around corners, nooks, and crannies. I don’t know. I just know that when given a choice, I always choose the broom. I chuckle at myself because I wonder how many accompany me on my analytical journey through the little things of life (I know it’s a lot of you…wink).

Having given considerable thought over the years to my tendency towards over-thinking, I have somewhat successfully trained my brain to stop itself in such “sweeping” moments. In other words, to be thoughtless (even if only for a split second). Thus, instead of thinking further about why I prefer to sweep and what it might mean, I thought instead, “Why does it matter why?” and went about my chore thoughtlessly…for about three seconds. My next thought was, “Can’t this just be swept up into the pile of “this or that” penchants, similar to a preference for coffee or tea, boxers or briefs, PC or Mac, iPhone or droid, ketchup or BBQ sauce, milk or dark chocolate…broom or vacuum?”

Sometimes we ruin things with too much thinking and analysis; it Hoovers the wonder right out of life. Sometimes things just are as they are. And that’s wonderful. That’s quirky. That’s part of what makes each of us, us. Yes, yes the unexamined life is not worth living, but the over-examined life may not be worth living either. It can cause needless stress, create anxiety, a sense of paralysis, and mental fatigue.

So for all my over-thinkers out there, take a thoughtless moment for yourself, relax your brain, and sweep to your heart’s content.

By the by, the craft of broom making is alive and well. Check out this FarmMade post. Did you know there’s a special corn grown for brooms? Guess what it’s called?

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