Do you Gardot?

For those of you acquainted with musician Melody Gardot, you know that she is a dynamic, category-defying artist. Her sultry voice – sometimes sweet, sometimes sassy, but always sincere – fills every corner of a space as much does her personality. Backed by her band – incredibly gifted and talented individuals in their own right – she produces sounds and melodies that haunt, delight, tickle, and move the soul. Her personal story is as moving as her music and worth getting to know to have a greater appreciation for this woman. Today, I’d like to write about something she did this past weekend during her concert (what a show!) in Chicago. Melody stepped out of her comfort zone and took a risk, doing something she had never done before: she invited two people to share the stage with her for a special birthday surprise and marriage proposal. Check out the YouTube video here.

Side note: The delightful story of the incredible man in uniform who set this series of events in motion (ahem…side note to the side note…he’s my amazing fiancé, thank you very much) is left for another time.

I do not doubt that Melody is no stranger to doing kind things for others. What’s remarkable about this particular gesture was that she allowed herself to do something new, something risky, something planned with no set outcome, all for a man she’d met only a few hours before and a woman yet to be introduced. Melody’s gesture of kindness, openness, and vulnerability created a space for something magical to happen not just between the couple in love on the stage, but for everyone in the theater. It created sense of unity and strength and love that could be felt in the air. It got me asking myself when the last time was that I stepped out of my comfort zone to do a kindness for someone else. When was the last time I Gardot’ed? When was the last time you did? Why not Gardot today?

Thank you Melody! I am grateful beyond words.

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