Light. Floating. Lifted. A few feelings that come to mind when I read and connect with the word BUOYANT. What does buoyancy have to do with personal development and mindfulness?

“Prepare yourself internally to create a spiritual buoyancy, an inner resilience, that will help us keep above the water when we suddenly find ourselves struggling to stay afloat in a great ocean of uncertainty.”
~Dave Ursillo

Buoyancy of spirit is the capacity to trust oneself to know that no matter what a moment or a day brings, you will not allow yourself to be held under (by others or by your own thoughts) because it is in your very nature – your very design – to rise like a buoy.

“A positive outlook keeps you beautifully buoyant as you float through the waters of circumstance.”

~Linnaea Mallette

Image from zedomax.com

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